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After the host meets every active card player, the day comes with the phrase: "Good morning, City!" Each player sets their mask aside.

*Active card – the card with a role. It "wakes up" at night and performs different specific actions, according to the rules of the game. (That is, all the cards except for the card "citizen"(the peaceful team)). 

*An Inactive card doesn't "wake up" at night, but takes part in Daytime voting. Players like to call such inactive citizen cards "Vegetables".

The first day starts with a brief introduction of each player. You are totally free to choose the strategy you want, but according to the rules, the player cannot name or show the card they received at the beginning of the game, or put their mask down at night (unless asked by the host) before being killed or before the game is over. Breaking any of the rules leads to the immediate termination of the player.

The voting phase gives the peaceful team a chance to find Mafia members and vote for the most suspicious player to leave the table. The Mafia, on the other hand, has a goal – to kill each peaceful player. They have to hide who they are in the daytime, and take part in the voting and discussions with the other team. At daytime, the player who gets most votes leaves the game.

Nighttime comes. The host asks each active card to wake up and perform specific tasks for that role as set out by the rules. Then morning comes. The host announces the news of the night (who's been killed by the mafia/murdered by the maniac/ healed by the doctor/whether the sheriff found a Mafia player or a peaceful one). Days and nights keep changing until either the "Red" or the "Black" team wins.

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The only passive peaceful card. Doesn't wake up at night, but takes an active part in identifying the Mafia players at the table. Often called “Vegetables” by players.